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Enterprise Slovakia is a high profile initiative delivering practical assistance and an overriding message of enterprise and entrepreneurialism to the Slovak Start Ups and pre start ups nationally. In doing so it will support SMES in the creation, operation and growth of their businesses and provide the genesis and platform for “hidden SME’s” to evolve and grow, thus supporting the Slovak ‘Innovative Economy”.

It will draw on its elite network and partners in the UK; one of the leading enterprise Hubs in the world and the closest global enterprise hub to Slovakia.

The UK’s largest small business network, Enterprise Nation, is partnering with Global Entrepreneurs Agency to deliver a 12-month campaign of trade promotion and exchange between the UK and Slovakia with delivery through the vehicle of Enterprise Slovakia.
Smart-Up Slovakia
November 30 2015 Bratislava.

Hot on the Heals of Global Entrepreneurship week, Smart-Up Slovakia will be the inaugural event of the Enterprise Slovakia Campaign.
This event will also feature Pitching from the finalists of the Hackathon competition with winners crowned and awards given.
Hosted at the Raddison Blu Carlton Hotel Bratislava. Watch this space for more details.
Register here for the Hackathon

Enterprise Slovakia in association with the Slovak Ministry of Economy, SPP and Slovenske Electrarne are staging a 'Smart Cities' Hackathon.

If you are a Start-Up, student, innovator or creative thinker and you think you've got what it takes to innovate for two of Slovakia's biggest companies, register below by November 9 2015.

How it works:

SPP and Slovenske Electrarne will outline real world challenges and you have the chance to prepare solutions for them and win prizes for your efforts.
The winner will be announced on November 30 2015 at Enterprise Slovakia's event in Bratislava.


Get a .pdf poster to publicise the event: Click here

A Hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on projects.

Our Hackathon is different. We believe that Start ups and entrepreneurs can harness the power of innovation and in doing so are natural co-operation partners with big corporates.
We are putting all the key parties together: Big corporations who would like innovation and start ups, innovators  and creators. This is our role.
The start ups, creators and innovators will have a period of weeks to work on their concept and then an evaluation committee of high level parties will select the finalists who will then present at our event on November 30.
Winners will receive prizes plus the ultimate winner will have the chance to sit down and have a commercial discussion with SPP and/or ENEL about implementing their innovation.

Register here:

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The Hackathon Challenges

Challenge A. Slovenské elektrárne
Problem definition:
Limited understanding of the energy market by Slovak customers is one of the key reasons for low electricity provider switching rate. Customers do not understand what exactly they pay for and to which electricity market participant. They have limited understanding of the benefits of changing their electricity provider.

To increased switching rate, in order to generate savings for Slovak households. To create a visually attractive, fun, interactive mobile app (using augmented reality) explaining energy invoices to the average Slovak household customer To explain each entry on the invoice in a consumer-friendly way. To help the client understand energy market by drawing a scheme/animation of energy actors involved, their role in the energy chain (producer, distribution, supplier, etc.), specifying portions of the total cost paid to each actor from the particular invoice and reasons for such payments. To calculate consumers´ potential savings and recommend new electricity suppliers. To check the accuracy of the invoice based on meter readings (by comparing invoice and meter entries).

Societal impact:
Better understanding of the energy market can lead to potential savings for consumers.

Challenge B. SPP
Problem definition:

Engagement of online community (SPP customers and general public) in energy efficiency issues, environment protection, climate change and responsible use of energy resources.

Propose a multipurpose product/solution addressing the following topics:

Education of SPP customers and the general public on energy efficiency issues, environment protection, climate change, responsible use of energy resources (including multimedia material, tips and tricks, fun facts, quizzes, competitions for prizes) as part of smart energy/city concept.

Communication of new products, strategies and campaigns of SPP as energy market leader in energy efficiency measures and energy services focused on the more effective use of energy on the side of the customer along with additional services (other than commodity itself) as an opportunity to acquire/retain/reacquire customers, in a modern and innovative way.

Enhanced communication platform for building an effective database of SPP’s clientele and potential new customers (preferred contact through email; e.g. through app, games, social networks etc.) as a means of moving away from traditional paper communication in order to protect the environment (e-bills, marketing).

Product/solution should not be connected to back end IT systems of SPP. In the case of the application this should be downloaded by many customers. Gamification is welcome to get fast multiplication effect by sharing the app (various levels in game that unlock more benefits in game, rewarding people by involving friends etc.).

Societal impact:
Promoting energy efficiency, environment protection, climate change and responsible use of energy resources in an amusing way and by educating the customers and general public with the aim of solving world energy conservation issues.

Why participate in our ”Smart Energy-Smart Country” Hackathon?

1st place:
The winner will immediately be offered the opportunity to enter into commercial discussions with SPP or Slovenské Elektrárne about implementing the concept that the participant came up during the 2 week long solution seeking phase of the hackathon. Moreover, the winner will be guaranteed a lunch with a leading journalist from Forbes Magazine USA/UK. This will guarantee the winner an opportunity to pitch Forbes about the winner’s personal start up journey.

2nd place:
A business trip to London during which a successful participant will receive a personal tour of Level 39, the worlds leading Smart Cities Incubator. A meeting with a world leading Venture Capitalist during which the participant can pitch a “smart” concept created during the 2 week long solution seeking phase of the hackathon, or any other start up idea that the successful participant may have.

3rd place:
A cash prize of 500 Euro

Hackathon Guidelines
Who can register:
EU citizens or third country nationals who hold a work permits in Slovak Republic; registered foreign students at SVK universities.

Language requirements:
The final proposal should be bilingual (Slovak/English)

Coding platform:
Competitors are free to use their choice of platform to develop their model.

Competitors to develop a working app for at least one of the following platforms:
• Android Device
• iOS Device
• Windows Phone Device
• Blackberry Device
• Web Or Mobile Web
• Windows Desktop Computer

All teams retain full ownership of the Intellectual Property of what they develop and should take their own measures to protect themselves

The competition will be evaluated by a panel of judges representing the organisers: Global Entrepreneurs Agency; Enterprise Nation; Ministry of Economy, SPP and Slovenske Electrarne.


Registration opens 26/10
Registration closes 9/11 5pm CET
10/11-23/11-Solution seeking phase
23/11 5pm CET competition closes for submissions 23/11-26/11-Judging period
27/11-3 Finalists contacted 30/11-Finalists to pitch for place ranking and prizes at Enterprise Slovakia’s “Smart Up Slovakia” event at Radisson Blu Carlton.
Enterprise Slovakia-Supporting the Building of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem? Is there a clear definition of what an ecosystem is? As part of the recent Startup Ecosystem Ranking report by Compass, Dr. Thomas Funke of the German Productivity and Innovation Centre (RKW) attempts to answer the question. RKW is a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network and also the host organization for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Germany.
Funke’s post, “A Canvas That Describes Relationships within an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”
represents the ecosystem canvas as a description of the multitude of relationships that exist in an entrepreneurial ecosystem and how these parts work together. An ecosystem can best be described through eleven basic building blocks that show the logic of how an ecosystem works. The eleven blocks cover the main areas of an ecosystem: Ideas & Talents, Support & Infrastructure, Startup Community, Policy and Finance, and Trends & Markets. The canvas is part of a methodology that helps you to not forget relevant success factors when working on your local ecosystem. The methodology has four steps: In a first layer the canvas serves as a reality check that reminds the key actors of a local ecosystem to think holistically about their ecosystem, connect them to each other and prevent them from getting stuck on their own program. In a second step, it serves as a blueprint for a strategy for all actors in the network to be implemented in the ecosystem through structures, processes and systems. In a third step, it shows all community builders in a visual way both the big picture, their (important) own roles in it and the interdependencies. In a fourth step, it helps to explore new growth opportunities, assess uses of new support programs, and to communicate across the community how we could accelerate the development of the ecosystem.

Trend talks to Michael Jacobsen

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